Christmas in Paris

Last year, I spent Christmas in Paris. It was a solo trip, and my first solo international travel adventure.

I chose Paris as my first solo destination because I’d already been the year before with my best friend. I was nervous about traveling alone, and wanted to start somewhere at least a little familiar. I used one of my now favorite travel planning websites, Tripmasters, and booked a 6 night trip. 3 days in Paris and 3 days in Barcelona. I spent my Christmas with Air France.

I landed in Paris in the early morning the day after Christmas. I took the train into the city and walked along the Seine as the sun was rising.


Once it was late enough to check in to my hotel (and I’d stopped at Laduree for some delicious breakfast and AMAZING hot chocolate), I dropped my bags off and spent the day walking around Paris.

The Galleries LaFayette department store is well-known for their massive tree, decorated differently each year.


That evening, I walked around as the sun set, enjoying the Paris lights.

Over the next 2 days, I took several tours. I took a tour of the Montemartre area, beginning outside Moulin Rouge and walking up to Sacre Couer.

I visited the Pantheon.

I took a tour of Notre Dame, which was supposed to include a visit to the top of the towers, but didn’t. As often happens in Paris, there was a labor strike and the tower was closed. I visited the Musee d’Orsay.

I took a walking tour of the Latin Quarter and learned about some of the interesting street artists in Paris.

I ate at many little cafes, enjoying French food and French wine. It was a delightful few days in Paris, and by the end, I was much more comfortable with being by myself in a foreign country, and ready to check out Barcelona!

To see more pictures of my random wanderings, please check out my instagram, @motleymissions.  Thanks!

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