This morning I went for a sail on Lake Michigan on a tall ship.
Windy is a real working tall ship. It sails several times a day during the summer months here in Chicago. It does architecture tours, pirate tours, ghost ship tours. This morning, I took the 75 minute architecture tour, after coming across a Groupon for it. It was a great day for it, photography-wise. Thunderstorms rolled through yesterday, and there were lots of nice cloud formations this morning still hanging around. I truly enjoyed this sail, and highly recommend it if you make a visit to Chicago.

windy (1 of 1)

tube and chest (1 of 1)

sail (1 of 1)

ropes (1 of 1)

pulley (1 of 1)

flags (1 of 1)

boat tube (1 of 1)

cityscape (1 of 1)

navy pier to lake shore east (1 of 1)

trump (1 of 1)

willis (1 of 1)

rainbow catamaran (1 of 1)

navy pier hancock (1 of 1)

lighthouse (1 of 1)

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