The Rookery Building is a historical landmark in downtown Chicago.

It was completed in 1888 by the architectural firm of Burnham and Root, who were responsible for many of the stunning buildings in Chicago. It is the oldest standing high-rise in Chicago, at 12 stories tall. The lobby was beautiful to begin with, but was remodeled in 1905 by Frank Lloyd Wright..

lobby staircase (1 of 1)

stairs side (1 of 1)

The main lobby of the building is a light court. The 2 story glass-covered court provided daylight to the interior offices of the building. It’s filled with white marble, gold leaf and wrought iron. A floating staircase from the 2nd level leads to a dizzying spiral staircase that goes up to the rest of the floors.

lobby staircase from above (1 of 1)

lobby (1 of 1)

floating stiarcase (1 of 1)

There are quite a few stunning buildings in Chicago. The Rookery is my current favorite. That may change as I take more tours of Chicago’s many architectural gems. The Rookery is located at 209 S. Lasalle Street. Anyone can enter the lobby and see it’s beauty. However, to see spiral staircase and have a view from the 2nd level, you’ll need to be a part of a tour. Chicago Architecture Foundation offers this, along with many other tours throughout Chicago. If you love architecture and visit Chicago, I highly recommend taking one (or more!) of their tours.

floating staircase from below (1 of 1)

flw light (1 of 1)

under the stairs grand  (1 of 1)

looking up spiral (1 of 1)



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