Graceland Cemetery is a massive Victorian era cemetery in Chicago.

Many of the tombs and mausoleums are architectural gems. Several of them were designed by Louis Sullivan, whose art deco designs can still be found today in Downtown Chicago. The Chicago Architecture Foundation even leads tours through the cemetery several times a month.

inez clarke (1 of 1)

This is Inez Clarke. She died in 1880, at the age of 6. Her family commissioned a local sculptor to carve a life-size and life-like statue of the little girl to put on her grave. It’s kind of creepy, sitting inside of a plexiglass box to protect if from the elements.

partial buried cross (1 of 1)

dogs (1 of 1)

empty tomb (1 of 1)

snake door handle (1 of 1)

schoenhofen (1 of 1)

rathborne (1 of 1)

pyramid (1 of 1)

mcclurg cross (1 of 1)

ludwig wolff (1 of 1)

kimball (1 of 1)

eternal silence (1 of 1)

crying statue (1 of 1)

cross up (1 of 1)

art deco arch (1 of 1)

celtic cross sunburst (1 of 1)


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