I spent Memorial Day on a photowalk with a Meetup group here in Chicago.

We walked around the downtown area, starting at Cloud Gate (aka The Bean), and ending at the Field Museum. The weather started out questionable. It rained off and on in the morning. However, that, of course, made for more dynamic photos with nice cloud formations.

bean gull (1 of 1)

between iron legs (1 of 1)

chain hook (1 of 1)

chevron (1 of 1)

city view (1 of 1)

eagle statue (1 of 1)

general logan and wreaths (1 of 1)

general logan memorial day (1 of 1)

grant park (1 of 1)

greens and city (1 of 1)

iris bud (1 of 1)

justice lady grant park (1 of 1)

adler and city (1 of 1)

brontosaurus (1 of 1)

cityscape from adler

keep this close (1 of 1)

lifeguard station (1 of 1)

lighthouse from navy pier (1 of 1)

navy pier ferris wheel (1 of 1)

navy pier flags memorial day (1 of 1)

yacht club (1 of 1)


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