Union, MO is a small town, about an hour southwest of St. Louis.

I go back to visit with family and friends every now and then.  I have a love/hate relationship with Union. I loved growing up there. I have great memories of my childhood. But I left to go to college at 17, and haven’t lived there since. I’ve figured out, I’m not a small town person. I need to be in a city. And a town of 10,000 isn’t it (up from 7000 when I left). It is cute town, and while I was there this past weekend, I walked around town and took a few pictures. On a side note, my brother was a part of the 4 person group who designed the memorial with the flag and the saddle that stands in front of the courthouse.

union cemetery

st clair clock


old post office


courthouse and memorial

main st

ivy house



courthouse and sidewalk


3 thoughts on “MY HOMETOWN: UNION, MO

  1. Hi,
    I stumbled upon your site searching for images of Union, MO. You have some great photos. I’m organizing a race this fall and I’m working on the website now. Would you be okay if I use some of your photos of Union on the website?



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