This past weekend, I took a little road trip out of town to Naperville and walked along the Riverwalk.

There were quite a few ducks and Canadian geese. And one overly friendly squirrel. I was taking a picture of a pair of geese when I noticed a squirrel running along the walkway toward me. I turned my attention to the squirrel, thinking I’d like to take a picture of it before it ran off into the trees. Instead, it kept coming toward me. This little squirrel had obviously been fed by humans. It walked right up to me, stood on it’s back legs, and sniffed my shoe. When it realized I wasn’t going to feed it, it went back to the far side of the walkway.

squirrel 3

squirrel 2

male duck

goose feather water spots

female duck


egg harbor cafe

duck duck goose

dick tracy

covered bridge 2

canadian goose 2

canadian goose 4



4 thoughts on “NAPERVILLE, IL

  1. The squirrels here are extra friendly because the college kids feed them all the time! There is one squirrel who lives on the Riverwalk who LOVES ramen and will come running whenever you pull a package out.


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