My last living on Oahu was February 21st. I spent my spare time my last couple of days doing things “One Last Time.”. 

I had a poke bowl one last time. I had Uncle Clay’s shave ice once last time. I visited Mike’s Huli Huli chicken one last time. Went to the Mac Nut Farm to stock up on cinnamon glazed and Kona coffee glazed mac nuts. On the way back, I stopped at all of the scenic overlooks one last time. I watched the sunset one last time. I went to the spitting caves and watched the humpback whales one last time. And then I got on a plane and flew to Chicago. In February. That’s right, I chose to move FROM Hawaii TO Chicago, smack in the middle of winter.

Hawaii was awesome. I lived there for a year and 8 months. But I was going stir crazy. Island fever, they call it. I grew up outside of St. Louis, and my family is still there, so being in Chicago means that I might be able to see them more than once every other year. Yay!

shave ice

huli huli chicken

esplanade garden


sunset over diamond head

canal sunset

Every evening at my condo complex, a whole bunch of Myna birds gathered in the palm trees. Myna birds are noisy. Very very noisy. My last evening there, I took a video, so that I’d be able to revisit the sound.



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