This hike along the ridge of Hanauma Bay has some amazing views of Hanauma Bay, and goes to a nice historic site.

This trail is a really good workout. I did this hike when I weight about 20 lbs more than I do now, and I wasn’t sure I was going to make it back up to the top of the trail. This is a difficult trail, and you should be in decent shape if you are going to attempt it.

WHERE: The trail starts at the paved road running along the right side of the entrance to Hanauma Bay. This road leads up to the radio towers on the ridge.

DISTANCE: About 3.5 miles, or more if you take the ridiculously dangerous side hike to the natural rock bridge.

TIME: 2-3 hours, more if you take the side hike.


Once you leave the paved road, the hike becomes a bit treacherous. The downhill trail is mostly loose rock and dirt. Be very careful not to slip.

There is a side hike to a natural rock bridge. This is not an official hike, and it is seriously dangerous. It’s not marked anywhere, and I’m not going to mention it’s exact location here. I hiked to it, and was thinking the entire way down that I was a complete idiot for going on this side hike, and that I was probably going to fall to my death. I’m still amazed that I didn’t.

side bay 2

rocky 2

pile o rocks

koko crater


flower close up



bridge 2


ancestral home 2

All photographs are taken by and belong to motleymissions. Do not copy, reuse or edit these images without permission.


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