In June 2014, I went on a 15 day bus tour of the UK and Ireland with my mom, aunt and uncle. I only get to see my mom once or twice a year, so I was thrilled at the opportunity to spend 2 weeks hanging out with her. It was an awesome trip, and one I’ll remember for a lifetime.

Day 9 of our tour, we drove from Dublin to Belfast, with a stop at Malahide Castle on the way for a tour of the castle and gardens.

Belfast was a fascinating city. Only about 10 years earlier, the city was still too violent to visit. That time period is known as The Troubles. Seriously, The Troubles. People were randomly kidnapped and murdered, gunshots rang out at all hours, buildings were bombed. The Troubles. We stayed at the Europa Hotel, known as the most bombed hotel in Europe. The city bus tour of Belfast was very interesting. The police station still has giant 15′ fences fortifying the perimeter. There are murals from both sides of the fighting still on the sides of buildings.

We spent the following morning touring the Titanic Experience.

malahide castle




church ruins

titanic experience building

queens college

parliament statue

mural 3

mural 2

city hall statue

All photographs are taken by and belong to motleymissions. Do not copy, reuse or edit these images without permission.


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