Charmlee Wilderness Park is in Malibu, CA. It has a couple of different hiking trails. The loop trail has wonderful views of the Pacific Ocean.  

The first time I did this loop trail, I got really paranoid that I was going to be attacked by a mountain lion. I was about halfway through the loop when I noticed lots of deer tracks in the mud…and some other, larger tracks. And some scratches on the trees. I also saw a coyote in a field.

WHERE: 2577 Encinal Canyon Road, Malibu, CA 90265.  There is a large parking lot and a nature center.

DISTANCE: about 2 3/4 miles

ELEVATION GAIN: Not much. About 300 ft.



lion tracks

ocean view 2

ocean view 4


view and rock


All photographs are taken by and belong motleymissions. Do not copy, reuse or edit these images without permission


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